POS Credit Card Processing

Woman using POS credit card processing in Cincinnati

In order for your business to successfully complete a bank or credit card transaction – whether it’s online or in-person – the transaction must be sent to a merchant processing bank to be fully authorized, captured and deposited.

Several methods exist for sending this transaction to the merchant processing bank. For example, when a card is presented, the magnetic strip on the card must either be read via a credit card terminal or reader, an EMV computer chip must be processed, or the card information must be manually entered by the clerk into the terminal, PC, or a website.

Because every business’s needs are unique, Midwest Payment Processing is able to process a variety of methods of payment in a retail environment:

  • EMV chip for credit card terminals
  • Non-EMV based terminals (if requested by the customer)
  • Internet/PC-based virtual terminals
  • Level II and Level III data entry which include processing the payments of purchase orders, government and B2B corporate credit card transactions
  • Point-of-sale (POS) processing systems
  • E-commerce/Payment gateway
  • Mobile phone and tablet-based terminals

To discuss which type or types of methods best suit your business and how Midwest Payment Processing can help you streamline the process, please contact us.

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