Ghost Card Payments

Ghost Cards

Pay suppliers securely for multiple or recurring transactions over long periods of time. Ghost Cards are an ideal solution for any company that possess recurring payments. With Midwest Pay, you can not only optimize the way transactions work inside the business, but are also able to set spending limits to make sure your company doesnt go over-budget.

Set Card Limits

Make sure you dont go over budget with Ghost Card Limits provided by Midwest Pay. Ghost Cards have transaction and cycle limits that may be set in order to control the number of payments in a given period whether by day, week, or month. You also may set limits regarding the maximum approved amounts on charges to make sure spending remains within a certain dollar amount.

Assign Authorized Users

With the help of Midwest Pay, you can assign multiple users to make authorized purchases on a ghost card which ultimately are charged back to the department or section the ghost card was originally issued for.


With the use of a Ghost Card, only one card number is assigned per department, section, or campaign instead of per person. This allows for efficiency and cleanliness. With only a single card number, the number of invoices is reduced, making expense reporting scenarios a simplified task.