Online payment fraud protection

It’s a fact, fraud happens. And with more chip-card enablement, it’s popping up all over the place online. But Midwest Pay's ecommerce fraud protection has a way to make fraud the big loser.
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Prevent fraud with our two prong approach.

Fight fraud on two fronts with Midwest Pay’s double-pronged approach. First, we detect fraud at the time of payment authorization to stem downstream losses and reputation damage. Then, we take it a step further by identifying fraudulent transactions confirmed by card issuers, thereby helping to avoid costly chargebacks.

Your own Fraud Toolkit.

It takes an army and a toolkit to stop cybercrime. Midwest Pay’s Fraud Toolkit includes basic online payment fraud protection tools that use card attributes to detect and prevent potentially fraudulent transactions. Like being able to point out behavior shifts in card usage that ultimately point right to the thieves themselves. And our advanced fraud tools, which are powered by ThreatMetrix™, expand detection to additional dimensions including device and IP address/location, so you can thwart more syndicated, organized crime.

Proactively avoid chargebacks.

Over two-thirds of all chargebacks are a result of fraud. But our Fraud Chargeback Prevention Service is changing all that.
It compiles daily alerts on confirmed fraudulent activity from credit-card issuing banks, and it lets you proactively refund cardholders while halting unnecessary chargebacks due to fraud.

Benefits of online payment fraud protection:

  • Detect and prevent fraud with basic or advanced fraud tools
  • Proactively refund transactions known to be fraudulent
  • Monitor performance via our online reporting
  • Preserve your reputation and manage the costs of fraud