Carte blanche over cart conversion

Card on file, card not present, online or off, payments fail for all kinds of reasons. Nothing causes friction like failed payments. There’s a fix for that friction. It’s the art and science of using data to optimize conversion.

The route to keeping more revenue

You can lose a lot of revenue routing transactions. But the right partner, expert in debit routing and data science, can keep you on a path to keeping more revenue. That partner is Prime, well-connected across the highway of debit networks and built with the best of routing science.

The road to more approvals

It’s time for you to imagine getting the most from every authorization online or off. It’s no longer a dream with this most dynamic authorizations team.

Authorization Optimization

The road to enterprise revenue from your online sales, starts with a solid data-informed, totally-managed authorization optimization solution. It’s integrated technology blending BI science and card-not-present know-how for optimum results. Authorization Optimization incorporates layers of authorization-related factors to derive just the right adjustments—for each and every transaction—to maximize the likelihood of approval.

Account Updater

The ultimate card-on-file revenue accelerator. Make your payments system fit the way payments are made today. Avoid opportunity costs associated with labor-intensive, manual approaches to refreshing card data. Find ways to maintain revenue by fixing broken cards. Create more seamless customer experiences. Grow revenue. It’s account updating with nearly unmatched scale, complete with ease of implementation.


Broken payments from declined authorizations can be a challenge. Recovery steps in with account updating and authorization recycling technologies, available in three configurations—including a fully-managed service, to help you keep the revenue coming with no interrupted customer experiences.

Accelerated data that drives results

Learn more about why Xcelerator products produce the results they do. See what else we have up our sleeve to help you turn payments into a strategic advantage. It’s delivering on data the BusinessiQ way.

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