Wholesale Distributors

Wholesale Distributors

Efficiency is key when it comes to wholesale distribution. With quick-moving product, optimization, and constant attention to detail, Wholesale Distributors need a payment processor that they can depend on to meet their optimal efficiency standards. Midwest pay can help. Midwest pay has observed this standard and is here to deliver. Midwest pay offers superior processing tools that will help any wholesale distribution center continue on their paths to effiency, and not have to worry about payment processing.

EMV Compatible Terminals

Use the all new EMV method of payment, otherwise known as the “chip.” The Chip in a credit card stores information, performs processing, and contains secure keys that generate cryptographic data making it nearly impossible to use counterfeit cards on devices preventing fraudulent activity from happening in the workplace. EMV is a strong, reliable, and safe form of payment for almost every business.

Virtual Terminals

As efficient, fast-paced, and big as Wholesale distributors are, they need a system that can help maintain efficiency in the workplace, require minimum attention, and accept safe, secure, payments when needed. Midwest pay is here to the rescue with our Virtual Terminal. Our Virtual Terminal provides businesses with a safe a secure credit card terminal that is built into your own web browser. Thats right. No need for credit card equiptment, just an open web browser. The Virtual Terminal can accept payments with the use of only a few required fields, and approval within only seconds. The Virtual Terminal provides wholesale distributors with the tools they need to accept safe and secure payments while also taking an efficient approach.

ACH Payments

Speed up the process of payment processing by using Midwest Pay’s ACH Payment service. With business booming, companies are in need of a service that can keep up with their day-to-day payment processes. Midwest Pay has you covered. Our ACH payment allows us to process payment right from the customers checking or savings account. This form of payment is most common when transfering money for direct deposit, payroll, and vendor payments. Don’t let it fool you though, just cause these are some common examples of usage, wholesale distributors may still save on time, money, and resources by selecting a seamless service option like this one.