Credit Card Data Security

Data breaches cost more than just money. They also cost you customers. With Midwest Pay, and tokenization,
there’s a way to help prevent crime altogether with credit card data security.
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Secure your credit data and reputation

Tokenization can take the bite out of a breach. It takes real card numbers and replaces them with numbers which only have meaning to you. And it allows you to reduce risk and store your credit card data with us. Tokens are also interoperable with all payments-related transactions whether for recurring purchases or a one-time ticket.

Confidence for card data on file.

If you have repeat customers, offer periodic, subscription-based services or sales, you may keep their card info on file without any worry. When you do, you’ll alleviate storage issues from collecting the same data repeatedly as well as protection issues and credit card data security which are more susceptible to repeat transactions.

We’ll handle everything, when it comes to securing your
credit card data.

With Midwest Pay, you can push the whole payments page onto us, so no real card data will ever touch your system. We know everything there is to know about payments processing including compliance and the associated costs. You can now rest easy knowing your business has everything it needs and nothing it doesn’t.

Benefits of credit card data security:

  • Make sensitive data safer with tokenization
  • Preserve your reputation by thwarting theft
  • Potentially reduce the scope and costs associated with PCI compliance
  • Enjoy safer payments for you and your customers