Mastercard Interchange Rates - Small Ticket Debit

Small Ticket Debit

  • Interchange: 1.55% + $0.04

Small Ticket Debit is the MasterCard Interchange rate for a base card type card present offline or signature debit transaction.

  • Cardholder and card present, signature obtained, single electronic authorization, read & transmit complete magnetic stripe
  • Transaction settled within 1 day of authorization
  • Banknet reference number and Banknet date required in clearing transaction
  • Sic code is 4111 (Commuter Transportation/Ferry), 4121 (Taxicabs / Limousines), 5499 (Coffee Shop, Convenience Stores, Delicatessens, Fruit Markets, Gourmet Food Stores, Health Food Stores, Ice Cream Shops, Miscellaneous Food Stores, Pretzel Stands, Produce Markets, Speciality Food Markets, Tea Stores, Vegetable Markets, Vitamin Stores, Yogurt Shops), 5812 (Restaurant), 5814 (Fast Food), 7523 (Parking Lot/Garage), 7832 (Movie Theater) or 7841 (Video Tape Rental Store)
  • Transaction is less than $15.00.